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MTM Services

MedicineEvery time we service a client, we ensure that we review each prescription to be certain that the prescription the patient has is the right prescription for his current condition. We always go the extra mile to guarantee our patient’s good health and safety – that is what MTM is all about. We promote better medication therapy compliance with:

  • Drug Interaction Reviews
  • Pharmacist Consultations
  • Medication Compliance Education
  • Prescription Medication Orientation
  • …and many other ways that a pharmacist can help the patient in managing his or her medication therapy with more efficiency.
Order Your Prescription In Just 3 Steps
  • Give Us your Information and Insurance Information Phone

    Provide your updated prescription and insurance information to our pharmacist.

  • Have your Doctor E-Prescribe your Prescription Prescription

    Make sure you have the correct prescription details from your physician.

  • Free Delivery or Pick Up in Store. Delivery

    Once you get an order confirmation, claim your medications from Primary Care Pharmacy.

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